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Inbound Customer Service

Working directly with our clients, we create a distinctive customer care solution which optimizes end user satisfaction. Whatever your needs are, we will design a customized program to achieve your customer and company goals. Loyal customers are an essential piece of any company’s success. Since IPG focuses on giving our employees an exceptional place to work, we retain exceptional employees. The Representatives, in turn, provide superior service to your clients. We provide a truly customized solution built to meet our clients’ needs. With this as our model, we are able to offer a wide variety of programs utilizing a wide variety of services.

A sampling of the customer care offerings we provide are;

1. Customer Service

Need someone to assist your customers with inquiries, enroll in a program, or place an order? The customer service team at IPG is trained in the finer mechanics of service and are ready and willing to give your customers the service they are looking for. IPG currently handles all levels of service from general questions to sales to lead qualification and fulfillment. Allow us to use our expertise to set up the program perfectly built for your needs.

2. General Information about Products and Services

Allow IPG to assist your customers with general company or product questions and answers. Where can I purchase your product? What are your hours of operation? How do I go about getting replacement parts? Are there special techniques to get the most out of your product? These questions and more are answered to give your customers everything they need to avoid frustrations and continue to be satisfied customers. Combining frequently asked questions service with a custom IPG CRM, you can see the questions your customers routinely have. Use this information to update your Web site or messaging and proactively offer the requested information before the questions are asked.

3. Order Processing

Are you looking for a Direct Response solution? If your customers want to buy from you but are unsure of ordering online, IPG offers you a cost effective solution. We support Direct Response programs triggered via TV commercials, radio spots, catalog, and direct mailings. IPG has a large pool of agents available 24×7 to handle large influxes of volume. You can be assured you won’t lose money on dropped calls. Successfully running the most basic to the most complicated of programs, IPG will assist you with providing a cost effective and satisfying way for your customers to make their purchases.

4. Sales 

IPG offers sales at a variety of levels. We sell products and services with a wide range of price points. From cross-selling to up-selling to inbound or outbound sales, IPG clients exceed their anticipated ROI when utilizing our sales experience. We also have the knowledge and expertise to successfully sell in both B2C and B2B markets.

5. Appointment Setting / Reservations

Inbound appointment setting is a critical aspect of business. When you have people wanting to do business with you, it is vital it is an easy and positive experience for them. IPG agents offer a friendly and quick way for your clients to make their appointments. Appointments and Reservations taken by IPG Customer Care Specialists are passed to you in real time. You know immediately what your schedule is looking like. IPG is also willing to utilize a third party software so you don’t have to alter how you do business.

6. Promotions

When running a promotion, you are looking to achieve specific goals and most likely, generate leads or increase sales. Whatever your goal is, you can expect an increase in customer response volume when you run a promotion. IPG makes it easy for you to flawlessly run your promotion. Limited Time or ongoing… we have the experience to set up and run your program.
Outbound Services

Outbound Customer Service

Whether you are looking for qualified leads, to do some fund-raising, increase sales, or for any other outbound objective, let our team use its experience to ensure your program’s success. IPG builds each outbound program to achieve its goals in the most effective manner. Our Outbound Specialists have years of outbound calling experience. They are trained in the techniques which will elicit the greatest responses on their calls. Our Outbound Specialists also understand the value of the interaction. IPG utilizes predictive, preview, and smart dialing to run your program as efficiently as possible. Let IPG handle your outbound program and our specialists will work to achieve your goal.

1. Outbound Sales / Telemarketing

Let our experienced sales staff increase your sales numbers. Our staff will call your predetermined list of prospects to generate sales for your product or service. We have the expertise to sell a wide range of price points. No matter where your price point falls, we can help build the scripts or talking points to maximize your sales. IPG handles long and short sales cycles and also provides product demos, software demos and online walkthroughs/tutorials. Potential buyers will receive calls from the same agent every time to build stronger relationships and increase the probability of purchase.

2. Lead Generation

Have a market you would like to target? Or a long list of names you would like to reach? Our Outbound Specialists will call everyone for you. We have experience in both B2C and B2B markets. Whether you are looking to reach consumers within a specific demographic or get your product/service into businesses of a specific industry, let our Outbound Specialists do the heavy lifting for you. All data collected is sent to you for follow up. Wouldn’t it be great to have a long list of qualified leads? Imagine the ROI.

Benefits of outsourcing your services to IPerform Group;

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